Analytics Book (Coming Soon)

Navigating the Data Landscape

A Journey Through Data Science and Business Analytics

Noman H Chowdhury


Table of content


Ch 01: Overview of DS and BA

Ch 02: Intro to R Programming

Ch 03: Intro to Python Programming

Ch 04: Data Structures and Libraries

Ch 05: Data, exploration, Hypo Test

Ch 06: Principles of Statistical and Machine Learning

Ch 07: Regression and Model Evaluation

Ch 08: Classification Techniques

Ch 09: Decision Trees and Clustering Methods

Ch 10: Treatment effect and Experimental Design

Ch 11: Web Scraping and Data Retrieval Techniques

Ch 12: Data preparation and Missing Data handling

Ch 13: Model Validation and Performance Metrics

Ch 14: Feature Engineering and Dimensionality reduction

Ch 15: Optimization Methods

Ch 16: Time Series Analysis and Anomaly Detection

Ch 17: Text Mining and Natural Language Processing

Ch 18: Association Rule Mining and Market Basket Analysis

Ch 19: Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Mining

Ch 20: Domain-Specific Applications of Data Analytics